Welcome to the home of the Redneck Garage. Redneck Garage will shortly be a web-based reality TV show featuring a cast of — you guessed it — Rednecks from the Ozark Mountains who build classic and custom cars and trucks. You’ll get a big kick out of Shawn, a surprisingly young mechanical genius who does the majority of the work in putting the vehicles together, provided that bearded old character, Wayne, will stay out of his way.

Don’t count the old guy out, though, because as old and broken down as he seems to be, Wayne’s built some pretty wild rides of his own over the years and has a lot to offer when it comes to building incredible machines.

Travis is the general Gopher, and trust us, you ain’t seen Redneck until you’ve seen Travis. Somewhere between his bib overalls and straw hat lies a mind that is — well, we can’t find words to describe it, but you’re guaranteed to get some pretty good laughs.

Of course, no Redneck Reality TV show could be complete without Mama, and our Mama Kathy manages to ride herd on the whole bunch pretty well.

Stay tuned to this website for more information on when the Redneck Garage will finally come to visit you at home.

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