May 27, 2017

Doin' It Redneck Style!

logo1Welcome to the home of the Redneck Garage Web-based TV Show.

Starting in April, you'll be able to log on and watch as we launch a brand-new web-based reality TV program featuring a cast of — you guessed it — Rednecks from the Ozark Mountains who build classic and custom cars and trucks.

The old guy in charge is Wayne, but don't let the white hair and beard fool you. As old and broken down as he seems to be, Wayne’s built some pretty wild rides over the years and has some pretty awesome ideas when it comes to building incredible machines. A lot of folks think Wayne looks a lot like Santa Claus, but the toys he likes to make and deliver all go VROOOM!

You’ll get a big kick out of Shawn, a surprisingly young mechanical genius who does the majority of the work in putting the vehicles together. He's been working on cars since he was barely tall enough to see over a fender--wait, he's just barely tall enough, now. Let's just say he's been at it since he was a little kid, learning from his Pappy.

Clayton is the main mechanic's helper, even if he does look a lot like one of Santa's elves. (Hmmm... and Wayne looks a lot like the jolly old fat man, himself! Could it be we've found out where Santa hides out the rest of the year?) Clayton is an extremely intelligent young man who's always ready to lend a hand, and likes to keep a smile on your face!

Travis is the general Gopher and Wayne's helper with the bodywork, and trust us, you ain’t seen Redneck until you’ve seen Travis! Somewhere between his bib overalls and straw hat lies a mind that is — well, we can’t find words to describe it, but you’re guaranteed to get some pretty good laughs.

Of course, no Redneck Reality TV show could be complete without Mama, and we've got Wayne's lovely wife, who we all lovingly refer to as "Mama Kathy." Her number one job is to keep the whole lot of us out of trouble, and she's a tough lil gal who does it very well--and manages to look pretty doggone hot the whole time! You won't have any trouble figuring out why Wayne thinks he's the luckiest guy in the whole darn world!

We'll be posting one or more new episodes every week, following along as we build or restore some of the finest automotive dreams ever to come out of Detroit, or anywhere else! We've already got a lot of stuff lined up, so let's take a look at a few of the upcoming projects.